This "worksite" aims to give you the knowhow to figure out which life insurance, investment and annuity products will help you retire securely and comfortably.

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Richard F. O'Boyle, Jr., LUTCF, MBA
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For years I worked with New York Life, one of the top handful of life insurance companies. My experience there has reinforced in me the belief that an agent should represent only the highest quality companies. In the end, the plans I help my clients put in place are backed up by the financial strength of the insuring company.

I'm an Account Executive at Schaefer Enterprises, Inc., a full-service boutique insurance agency with representatives throughout New York City and Long Island. I'm responsible for the life insurance practice and work closely with Gregory Schaefer, the agency's founder. We help our clients -- successful executives and business owners -- put in place comprehensive insurance plans that are customized to their individual needs.

Life insurance, long-term care insurance, disability insurance, annuities and investments are critical components of thoughtful retirement and business succession planning. Our experienced professionals assist clients with:
- The "What If's" of Retirement Planning: Even with the substantial accumulation of funds in retirement accounts, assets can be inefficient if they are not properly protected or diversified.
- Retirement Income Distributions: From which accounts should a retiree take funds to maximize their income stream?
- Pension Maximization: How can an individual get the highest possible pension payout using a combination of life insurance, annuities and investments?
- Estate Planning: In coordination with your trusted advisors, we can help implement tax-effective estate plans.
- Business Owned Life Insurance: We help companies protect their businesses and key employees in the event of disability or death.
- Tax Qualified Retirement Plans: Have you outgrown your company's retirement plan, or has your fiduciary outgrown you?

Life insurance, long-term care insurance, disability insurance, annuities, investments... These are all just tools that my staff and I use to help our clients fulfill their objectives.

My belief is firm:
"Do what is in my client's best interest, and we will BOTH be successful."

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